Friday, November 6, 2009

Travel Plans

Hello beautiful tea people!
Just a little bit of news for our internet friends: The Tea Gallery TEAm will be heading to Hong Kong in a couple weeks. We're all terribly excited and impatient to leave the cold weather behind us. But we have some days to go before our plane takes off. Our travel plans are still being worked on and I'll post any new details I get.

Unfortunately, this means that out little online shop will not be running from Nov. 18th to Dec. 12 since we have no one to handle the orders and shipping for us. So please order before that date so you're not left without tea while we're away. To make it up to you, we promise to share our findings and update our site with new tea finds as quickly as possible. I know it's unusual to close down an online store for any amount of time but we really don't think we can let anyone else handle the daily affairs of our little gallery. Our apologies for the inconvenience this may cause to our good friends and patrons. (Visitors will still be able to navigate the site but unable to complete purchases.)

I, Yumcha, also promise to update this blog with notes and photos of our travels.


Anonymous said...

Tell me about any Puerh you drink in Hong Kong. That's what I'd like to know about.

yumcha said...

Hi Jason,
I will definitely share my Puer experiences with you!