Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming soon..

We're almost ready.
Things are starting to come together in our new space but there's still more work to be done in the eyes of Michael and Tim. I gave Brandon at WrongFu Cha the chance to post some exclusive pics of our space when he was in town over the weekend. We've made some more changes since then! I'll post some pics once everything is settled or you can drop in during our evening tea events starting next week and see for yourself.
Though we are still a work in progress, we are on schedule and will be officially open November 1st. Here's what else you can look forward to at our new tearoom:

While we're operating by appointment only, we're developing more weekday events that will be open to the public. We'll be developing open tea events every month that will give tea lovers opportunities to enjoy tea in our tearoom. Thanks to all the inquiries about tea workshops and classes, we're working on those as well.
We're also designing a set of Tea Tasting Menus for our new tearoom. Each menu will incorporate teas from both The Tea Gallery and The Mandarin's Tearoom so guests will have a chance to experience a variety of teas in one sitting. Details and the different session levels will be available on our website in a couple days.

 There will be some more developments in the coming weeks so please check back to learn about new events. To those of you already signed up for our first week's events: I'll see you next week!

It's back to work for me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A follow up...


 It seems my previous post may have churned up more questions than it answered. Here are the ones I can answer at this time:

Q. Is your new space open for business?
A. Almost. We're still in midst of moving some furniture around and getting the details just right. Our official opening date will be November 1st. Please check our events page to see more details.

Q. I can't find your storefront, where are you?
A. That's because we don't have a storefront. We are actually on the 2nd floor of our building and accessible by a flight of stairs. Our address is 21 Howard Street, Suite 201 in downtown Manhattan. Please note: we are only open by appointment. Consider us an exclusive club for all you tea lovers out there. Please keep reading to learn more: 

Q. Will you be selling drinks to go?
A. No, we are not your typical tearoom and we are not a cafe. We don't even have a storefront and are not remotely interested in selling ready-made drinks or iced teas. We will be hosting private tea tastings and we are currently working on a menu that will allow visitors to try tea from both companies in one session.

Q. I'm not interested in a tea tasting. Can I just come to the new space to browse teas and shop?
A. Sorry, but we are operating only by appointment for the time being. We're still a small group and we really want to focus on a certain level of tea. This means we don't have time to properly host unexpected walk-ins. A scheduled tea session allows us to give the attention that each of our patrons deserve. If you don't have an appointment or haven't called ahead, you will not be admitted into the tearoom. There will be events open to the public and this is you chance to drop by and taste some teas for less than the cost of a basic tasting.
Q. What can I expect at November's Tea Events ?
A. Taste teas from both The Tea Gallery and The Mandarin's Tea and meet the members of The Tea Gallery and The Mandarin's Tearoom. We're all very busy and not always in the tearoom at the same time; these scheduled events give us an opportunity to be together and share our love of tea with others. Mingle with other tea people and make some new friends over a common interest. Each day is devoted to a different tea category; visitors to every event will get a chance to try all 6 styles.
If you're still not ready to take the plunge and sign up for a personal tea tasting, this is your chance to check out our space and try our teas for half the price of a tasting. We're also sweetening the pot by offering a special 10% discount off any teas or teawares purchased during the event. If you show up for all five events, you can attend the last one for free. See more details on our Events Page.

Q. Can I still buy online and pick up my purchase in person?
A. Yes. New York City dwellers can still choose the "in-store pick-up" option on our website whenever they shop online and can come pick up their purchase at the tearoom.

Q. How do I make an appointment and what are the rates?
A. You can call us at 212-777-6148 or send an email to We are currently working on a series of tasting menus that will vary in price depending on the value of the teas that are served. There will also be an option to customize your personal session and the pricing will depend on the chosen menu. We want your experience to be fun and memorable and will happily work with you to make that happen. More details will be available online in a couple weeks.
Q. Will you be offering classes?
A. Yes! We love to teach and we are working closely with the Mandarin's Tearoom to develop workshops open to the public and private tea classes. More information will be made available on our website in the coming weeks.

Q. Are you going to ship internationally?
A. Thanks to all the requests we've gotten from all over the world for our teas, we are definitely paying attention. We would very much like to make our tea available outside the US and are working on the logistics at this moment. We're asking for just a little bit of patience as our focus has been in getting our tearoom ready.

I hope this was helpful. Please send any more questions you may have to

Monday, October 18, 2010


Dear Tea Friends, 
 I can finally announce it: The Tea Gallery has moved to a new location!
 Not that it was much of a secret at this point. (I may have blabbed a bit to some tea friends who ended up blabbing on certain internet forums...) 
 We're partnering up with longtime friend, Tim of The Mandarin's Tearoom and sharing his spacious studio in downtown Manhattan. While both tea companies will remain separate entities, the decision to share a tearoom was based on years of mutual respect for each other's tea and principles. It's a match made in heaven as Michael and Tim blend their Hong Kong sensibilities and transform the former design studio into an elegant tearoom. Our old tea table was just set up and touches of the Mandarin have change the look of the original setup. Tim's teapots and wooden coasters are scattered across the table, as is a cigar or two. There is always a break for tea in the afternoon. I couldn't be happier working along side Michael and now I'm also learning from Tim. 
We're on old Howard Street, right above bustling Chinatown and below the designer shops of SoHo. The same policies that we had at the original space still apply. We're operating by appointments but we are also adding a slew of events to help celebrate our new look. Our official opening is on Nov.1st and we're kicking off with a week's worth of daily tea events. For more information, see the Events page.
I'll be posting pictures of our new space in the next post.

So when are you coming over for some tea?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Happening

1996 loose leaf puer with mystery origins.

Hello Tea Friends!
Sorry I haven't posted in so long. We're in the middle of some big changes and our little blog has been neglected in the process. I was asked to keep quiet about what's in the works but it's become known as the worst kept secret in "teadom". There have been leaks here and there (looking at you, Brandon of WrongFuCha..) and while I still can't talk about it, most people have figured it out. If you're the few still in left in the dark... here's what I can say:
 The Tea Gallery is planning a change of scenery with an old friend.

If you need a couple more hints, just hunt down Brandon (the blabbermouth) on

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