Friday, November 13, 2009

Last Weekend

This is the last weekend to purchase teas on our online store!
At least until we get back from China which isn't til the 14th of December. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience. Please get your orders in before Monday the16th, since it will be another month before you'll be able to order again. Visitors will still be able to navigate the site but unable to complete purchases

Meanwhile, we're still working out our travel plans. The tea fields of Taiwan are on the itinerary! Also, hoping to visit a hot spring or two while we're there.


Maitre_Tea said...

The best hot springs in Taiwan are in Yangmingshan and Beitou, which are just outside of Taipei, so you're close enough to the city life, but you're within driving distance of the serene calmness of the hot springs...

BTW, are you also going to be on the look out for tea ware?

I'm visiting NYC in early February, so I eagerly look forward to what things you may find.

yumcha said...

Thanks for the travel tip! I'll be sure to ask Michael if he's familiar with any of the springs in those regions.
And yes, we will be on the look out for high quality tea ware on our trip.
Also, very happy to hear you'll be in town in February for some tea and story swapping.