Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our New Tearoom


Our tearoom is finally open and the first two days have been super hectic but so much fun! We've hosted our first couple tea events and were so pleased with the turnout and enthusiasm. Thanks to everyone for you support. I'm so sorry to those we had to turn away for some of the events which filled up quickly, especially tonight's oolong tasting. Your requests have been heard and next week's tea tastings will focus just on oolongs. Details can be found on our Events Page. To those who signed up too late for this week's event, I hope you can make it to next week's tea socials.
We've already had a couple of private tea tastings and it's given Michael a chance to break in his tea table. When available, Tim likes sit in and share his own insight of the teas that Michael brews. His presence has added a new dimension to our usual tea session. Of course, all the members of the tearoom is expected to brew for clients; you just never know who's going to stop by and share a cup.

Our tearoom is ready to receive patrons but I have a feeling it will always be a work in progress. Between Tim and Michael, there will always be changes depending on mood and season. We hope you'll visit to us and see for yourself.

And to the many tea drinkers who keep asking what we look like.... 
We're just regular people who love tea. 
Not pictured is the camera shy Winnie who happens to be the best looking one out this bunch.
See you soon.


carl360 said...

I am a distant admirer of your tea house.I live in Boulder, CO and have followed both of your blogs for a while. I feel fortunate enough to have a dedicated Chinese tea house, but somewhat envious of NYC for having such a powerhouse of a tea room opening.

I have some background in wine tasting, and the sheets of paper I see on the tea table in your picture look like tasting charts for tea. Are they?! If so, would you by any chance be willing to share an electronic copy with me? I am avid to learn more about tea tasting, so any help you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.



yumcha said...

Hi Carl,
Thank you for reading.
You have a sharp eye! That was indeed a tasting chart designed by the Mandarin himself. I don't have the authority to release the file but I will ask Toki for you.

Unknown said...

I am glad that the Tea Gallery is opened again at a new location. I wanted to visit the original place at Allen St. but it was closed a few years ago. Tea Galley is one of its kind. If one is really serious about drinking Chinese loose tea, you have to show up once at the Tea Gallery to get an education and experience.