Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Update

Hello Tea Friends,
You may have noticed there haven't been any recent posts on this blog or updates to out website in the past few weeks. I took some time away from my work to deal with an illness in the family. Someone very close to me was diagnosed with lung cancer and it has reached the advanced stages requiring hospitalization. It has been a difficult ordeal that my family and I continue to struggle with. I float between heartbreak and hope while watching a loved one fight for his life.

Michael and Winnie have been amazing with their love and support. They've put my need to spend time with my family before their business and I am extremely grateful to them. My return to normal routines has been slow with many interruptions and I apologize for the delays in responding to your letters and posting new teas and articles. Please know that your patronage is very important to us and helps us do what we love most: sharing tea with others.
Thank you for your understanding.


Marlena said...

Prayers going out for you and your family.

yumcha said...

Thank You for your kind words.

toki said...