Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Holiday Glow

With most of the holiday season behind us, I'm looking forward to spending the new year with some new teapots I picked up in our travels. Here are a few that found their way home with me:

The sweet yellow speckles and oval shape reminded me of a bird's egg turned into a teapot. It's about the size of chicken's egg too.

The red clay and attention to detail on this tree stump pot make it appear timeless. Winnie owns a similar version done by the same artisan.

Here's a simple geometric shape, unadorned with a lovely satin sheen.

The restrained bamboo theme in an uncommon color attracted me to this particular pot in a room full of Yixing pots.

I also picked up some new porcelain

as well as some old porcelain.

Of course I brought back tea, plenty of tea..
Puer and roasted TiKwanYin
High mountain oolongs from Taiwan
I'm looking forward to the coming months with so much to learn and share.

Have a Happy New Year!


Trent said...

Which artist crafted the stump pot? I've seen a pot w/ the exact same shape in my local tea shop. The owner bought it from the lady who was the only yixing buyer in the United States during the period of Chinese history when the 1 buyer per country rule was in effect.

Maitre_Tea said...

oh my goodness

I truly love the pot in the 4th photo (the flat one). Perhaps I should send off an email sooner than later to "reserve" a pot for my visit to NYC, lest someone else snatches them up.

yumcha said...

Hi Trent,
The maker of the treestump teapot is a bit of a mystery to us.It's difficult to make out the stamps. Michael can only recognize the one word, Jin meaning gold. Winnie isn't around but she may be able to shed more light on our artist later.
Did you buy the teapot you saw? I'm pretty happy with my find.

yumcha said...

Hi Maitre_Tea,
I'm sure we'll have some teapots for your visit. Remind me, When are you coming to NYC?

Maitre_Tea said...

Will be in NYC the first week of February. Will email in a few weeks to arrange a session/give a heads up about what kind of pot I'm looking for...

Happy New Years!

Trent said...


Unfortunately, I didn't. The clay seemed to be of high quality, but I prefer more simple shapes.

yumcha said...

Hi Trent
I like the simple shapes too and a few years ago, I wouldn't have bought a teapot like the tree stump. But lately I'm drawn to the more naturalistic styles.So maybe your tastes will change in the future.
The clay is a really nice zhuni and I love that I share a "sister" pot with Winnie. She's already brewed tea in hers and I'm leaving mine pristine so we can compare the color difference in a couple weeks.

author said...

Hey Dae... lovely pots and so nice to see variety. But I especially love the sheens I'm looking at. I think choosing beauty among the pots is important, and opening up to new things too.

I'm out West, and have a cold and no energy, so it's herbal tea for me at the moment! Glad you had a great trip and best wishes for the new year to all of you, Janine

yumcha said...

Hey Janine!
It's so great to hear from you.
I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. Take care of yourself, get plenty of rest and maybe we'll see you on this side of the Atlantic soon. Happy New Year to you too!

Chris said...

A bit late commenting, but do you have any more information about the first gaiwan?

yumcha said...

Hi Chris,
the gaiwan is a contemporary piece, hand-painted with a dragon and phoenix motif. I actually had it shipped from Hong Kong and just received it some days ago. I'll post more detailed pics of it soon.

Daniel said...

The picture of the brown geometric pot looks like the handle is joined to the back of the body at an angle. Is this so, or just my eyes playing tricks on me?

yumcha said...

Hi Daniel,
I think it's just the way the photo was taken. The spout and handle are on the same line.